The Child Problematic Traits Inventory in China: A Multiple Informant-Based Validation Study

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The aim of this study was to further test the reliability and validity of a newly developed instrument designed to assess psychopathic traits in children, the Child Problematic Traits Inventory (CPTI). Teachers and mothers of 686 approximately 6- to 12-year-old children (48.1% girls) completed the CPTI. Confirmatory factor analyses supported the proposed 3-factor structure of the CPTI teacher and parent versions and good to excellent internal consistency of the teacher- and mother-based CPTI scores were found. The validity of the teacher- and mother-based CPTI scores was supported by revealing the expected relations with conduct problems, hyperactivity, and various dimensions of temperament. In conclusion, the results suggest that the CPTI holds promise as a teacher- and parent-rated tool for assessing psychopathic traits in Chinese children, although more research is needed to see if these findings can be generalized to other Chinese samples and settings.

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