Determining the Optimal Approach to Breast Reconstruction after Partial Mastectomy
Assessment of TRAM Aesthetics: The Importance of Subunit Integration
Effect of Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding on Vertical Mammaplasty
Enhancing Patient Outcomes in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Using Triple Antibiotic Breast Irrigation: Six-Year Prospective Clinical Study
Perfusion Zones of the DIEP Flap Revisited: A Clinical Study
Patient Self-Assessment of the Cosmetic Results of Breast Reconstruction
Psychosocial Factors Predicting the Motivation to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery
Revisiting Upper Eyelid Anatomy: Introduction of the Septal Extension
Effect of Augmentation Mammaplasty on Breast Sensation
Fascial Suspension Mastopexy
The Importance of the Retaining Ligamentous Attachments of the Forehead for Selective Eyebrow Reshaping and Forehead Rejuvenation
Survival of Diced Cartilage Grafts: An Experimental Study
Vascularized Tissue-Engineered Ears
Engineering a Composite Neotrachea in a Rat Model
PDGF Gene Therapy Enhances Expression of VEGF and bFGF Genes and Activates the NF-κB Gene in Signal Pathways in Ischemic Flaps
Quantification of Total and Perfused Blood Vessels in Murine Skin Autografts Using a Fluorescent Double-Labeling Technique
Early Excision of a Full-Thickness Burn Prevents Peripheral Nerve Conduction Deficits in Mice
Observation of the Relationship between the Shape of Skeletal Muscles and Their Nerve Distribution Patterns: A Transparent and Microanatomic Study
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release: A Review of 753 Cases in 486 Patients
Long-Term Follow-Up of High-Pressure Injection Injuries to the Hand
Second to Third Phalanx Vascularized Bone Transfer
Horrifying Basal Cell Carcinoma Forearm Lesion Leading to Shoulder Disarticulation
Cranial Vault Distraction: Its Illusionary Effect and Limitation
Cranioplasty with Subcutaneously Preserved Autologous Bone Grafts
Neurodevelopmental Delays in Children with Deformational Plagiocephaly
Intralesional Bleomycin for the Treatment of Hemangiomas
Evidence of Significant Sternocleidomastoid Atrophy following Modified Radical Neck Dissection Type III
How to Make the Blockage between the Nasal Cavity and Intracranial Space Using a Four-Layer Sealing Technique
Lower Eyelid Orbicularis Oculi Musculocutaneous Flap for Reconstruction of Nasal Tip and Supratip Defects
Ineffective Treatment of Keloids with Interferon Alpha-2b
Proximal Vascular Pedicle Preservation for Sartorius Muscle Flap Transposition
Long-Term Results of Wounds Closed under a Significant Amount of Tension
Reconstruction of Chronic Achilles Tendon Defects with Posterior Tibial Perforator Flap and Soleus Tendon Graft: Clinical Series
Distally Based Lateral and Medial Leg Adipofascial Flaps: Need for Caution with Old, Diabetic Patients
Cost Analysis of Functional Restoration Surgery for Extremity Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
Aesthetic Management of the Nasal Component of Naso-Orbital Ethmoid Fractures
Keloid Pathogenesis and Treatment
Maternal Cigarette Smoking during Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Having a Child with a Congenital Digital Anomaly
A New Year—A New Look for the Journal
Craniofacial Surgery
Omental Flap Coverage of Gore-Tex Mesh: Infections, Milky Spots, and Abdominal Wall “Exit Site” Hernias
Dissociative Anesthesia for Safety’s Sake
Dissociative Anesthesia for Safety’s Sake : Reply
Use of the Tracheal Tube in Isolated Fractures of the Zygomatic Arch
Defining the “Gold Standard” in Breast Reconstruction with Abdominal Tissue
Defining the “Gold Standard” in Breast Reconstruction with Abdominal Tissue : Reply
Use of a Grid to Simplify Botulinum Toxin Injection for Axillary Hyperhidrosis
Optimizing Body Contour in Massive Weight Loss Patients: The Modified Vertical Abdominoplasty
Skin Sensibility to Pressure Measured with a System of Loads
Wishes and Tissues: A Concern about Dimensional Planning Systems that Lack Volume Restrictions and Do Not Prioritize Long-Term Soft-Tissue Coverage
Basal Cell Carcinoma and Syringocystadenoma Papilliferum Arising in Nevus Sebaceus
A Rare Case of Hypertrophic Scar on the Scalp
Hydatid Cyst of the Scalp
The “Twist Over”: Tie Die?
Misfortune during a Blepharoplasty
Carving Gore-Tex Reinforced Sheets for Augmentation Rhinoplasty in Chinese Patients
Rhinoplasty of a Patient with Congenital Lacrimal Fistula
Practical Tips for Otoplasty
Parotid Duct Repair by Use of an Embolectomy Catheter with a Microvascular Clamp
Use of a Window Handle for Postreduction Protection of a Fractured Zygoma
The Breast Reduction and Nipple Reconstruction Training Models: Real Tissue Training Models
The Graft Said, “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Flap”: Nipple Reconstruction with the Graft Flap
A 1.8-kg Keloid of the Arm
Anaphylactic Reaction to Intralesional Steroid Injection
A Simple Technique for Umbilicus Dilatation
Liposuctionable Fat: A Hypothetic Model
Accurate Assessment of Table and Patient Alignment for Aesthetics
Use of Quixil Human Surgical Sealant in Achieving Hemostasis on a Skin Graft Recipient Site of a Fully Heparinized Patient
A Novel Use of Jelonet to Facilitate the Harvest of Split-Thickness Skin Grafts Freehand
Manual Graft Meshing: Taking It Further
Easy Continuous Perioperative Suction Drainage during Vascular Anastomoses
Postpartum Depression as a Risk Factor in Unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery
Solution to a Slippery Problem in Theater
Protection of Microanastomoses: The “Through-Drain” Transcutaneous Anchor Stitch
Salvage of Venous Congested Flaps by Simple Methods