OsSIZ1, a SUMO E3 Ligase Gene, is Involved in the Regulation of the Responses to Phosphate and Nitrogen in Rice

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SIZ1-mediated SUMOylation regulates hormone signaling as well as abiotic and biotic stress responses in plants. Here, we investigated the expression profile of OsSIZ1 in rice using quantitative reverse transcription–PCR (qRT–PCR) and pOsSIZ1-GUS transgenic plants, and the function of OsSIZ1 in the responses to phosphate and nitrogen using a reverse genetics approach. OsSIZ1 is constitutively expressed throughout the vegetative and reproductive growth of rice, with stronger promoter activities in vascular bundles of culms. ossiz1 mutants had shorter primary roots and adventitious roots than wild-type plants, suggesting that OsSIZ1 is associated with the regulation of root system architecture. Total phosphorus (P) and phosphate (Pi) concentrations in both roots and shoots of ossiz1 mutants were significantly increased irrespective of Pi supply conditions compared with the wild type. Pi concentration in the xylem sap of ossiz1 mutants was significantly higher than that of the wild type under a Pi-sufficient growth regime. Total nitrogen (N) concentrations in the most detected tissues of ossiz1 mutants were significantly increased compared with the wild type. Analysis of mineral contents in ossiz1 mutants indicated that OsSIZ1 functions specifically in Pi and N responses, not those of other nutrients examined, in rice. Further, qRT–PCR analyses revealed that the expression of multiple genes involved in Pi starvation signaling and N transport and assimilation were altered in ossiz1 mutants. Together, these results suggested that OsSIZ1 may act as a regulator of the Pi (N)-dependent responses in rice.

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