CLO-PLA2 – a database of clonal plants in central Europe

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‘CLO-PLA2’ (CLOnal PLAnts, version 2) is a database on architectural aspects of clonal growth in vascular plants of central Europe. The database includes 2749 species, characterised by 25 variables, either directly or indirectly related to clonal growth. The total number of items in the database is over 12 750. The structure of the database is described and the variables used to characterise clonal growth of individual species are listed. Two examples of database utilisation are given. The first concerns the relationship between habitat niche width and the mode of clonal growth. Turf graminoids, species with long-lived rhizomes either short to long and formed below-ground, or short and formed above-ground, and short-lived rhizomes formed above-ground, are over-represented among the species with very broad niches and under-represented among the species with narrow niches. In contrast, species multiplying by plant fragments are missing among the species with the broadest niches. The second example explores how individual clonal growth modes are combined in individual species. About 21% of species of clonal plants have more than one mode of clonal growth. Some combinations are over-represented in certain families and environments. The application of phylogenetic independent contrasts (PIC) showed that both phylogenetic constraints and adaptations to particular environmental conditions play important roles in determining the observed pattern.

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