Photomorphogenetic responses to UV radiation and short-term red light in lettuce seedlings

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Effects of red light (R)), far-red light (FR)) and UV radiation on growth and greening of lettuce seedlings (Latuca sativa L., cv. Berlinskii)) have been investigated. UV-B and UV-C inhibited hypocotyl elongation and stimulated cotyledonary growth. R in combination with UV-B and UV-C partly eliminated these effects, but FR increased those and reversed the R effect. Chlorophyll accumulation was inhibited by UV-B and UV-C. In comparison with cotyledonary growth, R strengthened the UV inhibitory effect, and FR reversed this effect of R. Thus, UV and phytochrome system modify the effects of each other on hypocotyl and leaf growth in lettuce seedlings depending on the level of active phytochrome formed.

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