Effect of IAA content Modulators on peroxidase activity and on endogenous IAA during cold pretreatment of maize anthers prior to androgenesis

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A cold pretreatment is usually applied to induce maize androgenesis. Peroxidase activity, including indole-3-acetic acid (IAA)) oxidase activity, and endogenous IAA concentrations were followed during a cold pretreatment (14 days, 7°C)) in anthers of two maize genotypes, Seneca 60 and DH5×DH7, respectively with a low or high androgenetic response. The most prominent result was the absence of a detectable IAA oxidase activity in DH5×DH7. Adding effectors of IAA-oxidase activity or IAA transport did not affect significantly the crude peroxidase activity of DH5×DH7 anthers while inducing a clear inhibition of androgenesis at higher concentrations. No strict correlation was found between IAA level and physiological response, the low responding variety having as much IAA as DH5×DH7. However, for DH5×DH7, every treatment that lowered the IAA level after 14 days of cold resulted in a decrease in androgenetic response.

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