Mutants in wheat showing multipathogen resistance to biotrophic fungal pathogens

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Five fast-neutron-derived mutants were isolated from the wheat line Hobbit ‘sib’ that show enhanced field resistance towards Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici, the causal agent of yellow rust. Subsequent testing showed the yellow rust resistance phenotypes to differ between mutants, to be expressed at different growth stages and, in some cases, to show an isolate interaction. Three mutants, I3-48, I3-49 and I3-54, exhibited an enhanced yellow rust resistance phenotype from the third seedling leaf onwards, while mutants I3-27 and I3-30 did not show an altered yellow rust phenotype until later growth stages. Additional resistance for brown rust (causal agent Puccinia triticina) was identified in mutants I3-27, I3-30, I3-48 and I3-49, and for powdery mildew caused by Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici in mutants I3-27, I3-30, I3-48 and I3-54, although in some cases the resistance was isolate-specific.

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