Psychometric Properties of the Gender Role Conflict Scale for Adolescents Among Irish Boys

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The psychometric properties of the Gender Role Conflict Scale for Adolescents (GRSC-A; Blazina, Pisecco, & O'Neil, 2005) were investigated using 2 samples of Irish males (Sample A: N = 317; Sample B: N = 199). Confirmatory factor analyses indicated that neither a 1-factor model nor a 4-factor model met established fit criteria. Across both samples, scores on the Restricted Emotionality (RE) and Conflict between Work, School, and Family (CWSF) subscales correlated consistently with self-esteem, and scores on the RE, CWSF and Need for Success and Achievement (NSA) subscales correlated with depression. Twelve items were problematic (i.e., standardized residuals and modification indices identified these items as contributing significantly to model misfit) suggesting that revision of the scale is warranted. Limitations and strengths associated with the current research are discussed and directions for future research are outlined.

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