Midwives and Gynecologists: Knowledge about Sterile Water Injections for Pain Relief in Labor

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Presently, there is great interest in nonpharmacologic methods of pain relief during labor. The aim of this study was to determine whether gynecologists and midwives are aware of the use of sterile water injections for pain relief during childbirth, whether they use this pain relief method, and if not, would they do so in the future. We designed a quantitative, observational, descriptive, prospective and transversal study. Study participants were recruited from the 16th Health Department of Alicante, Spain. The data collection method used was a questionnaire of self-realization. The most relevant results indicate that those with less working experience (8.06 ± 6.82 years) used the technique most often compared with the group with more working experience (16.92 ± 11.90 years;p= .04). The results determined that women have more knowledge about the technique (79.3%), whereas only 33.3% of men are aware of it (p= .02). The results of this study showed a lack of knowledge regarding this technique, as well as educational interest in the fact that women have more knowledge than men. Increased use was observed in younger, less experienced professionals.

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