The Need for Real-Time, Mobile, Normalized, Integrated, Cumulative, and Graphical Dashboard Reporting of All Point-of-Care Testing Results on an “Apparent Percentile” Scale Using Web-Based Applications and Cloud Technology

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This article is in response to a request for my 3 wishes for point-of-care testing (POCT). For sure, we have made tremendous progress over the years on the Food and Drug Administration–approved menu of POCT available. We have also made significant advancements regarding the ease of use of POCT devices, thus allowing non-laboratorians the ability to achieve useful and accurate results at the bedside and even in home testing. However, little has been done to improve the integration of POCT data with Core laboratory results, clinic testing, and home testing results on the electronic medical record, therefore greatly diminishing the overall value of all laboratory results including POCT results. Accordingly, my first wish is for POCT to be normalized so that all testing for the same analyte can be reported together in a cumulative “result cluster” regardless of how, when, and where the test was performed—that being home testing, clinic testing, and hospital core laboratory testing. My second wish is that all laboratory analytes, patient vitals, and others be plotted on an intuitive “apparent percentile” scale so that patients can readily make sense of their own laboratory data and therefore be more actively engaged with providers in monitoring/maintaining their own health. And, because physicians and patients are “on the move,” my third wish is for all POCT laboratory data be reported in real-time over the Web using Cloud technology and on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) using a graphical, interactive dashboard format with touch scroll, touch drill down features, result/comment alert icons, touch result disease/department filters, and other interactive features to make laboratory data more understandable and useful.

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