Improving paediatric residents’ knowledge and perspectives regarding the insulin pump using a novel educational workshop

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ObjectivesAs a pilot study, we aimed to investigate the knowledge and perceptions of categorical paediatric residents (RES) at our institution regarding insulin pumps (IPs) and the impact following a targeted workshop.MethodsAll RES at our institution in attendance at a routine noon conference participated in a workshop, completing an anonymous survey before and right after the intervention to evaluate knowledge, attitudes and self-reported comfort regarding IPs. The workshop consisted of a didactic lecture followed by an insulin pump (IP) device demonstration of three commonly available brands. Knowledge score (KS) was calculated for each RES based on the total correct responses. Attitudes were assessed via 5-point Likert scale. Frequencies, t-test and McNemar tests were used to analyse data.ResultsThirty four completed surveys were analysed out of 49 RES (69.3%) who attended the workshop. Among them, there were 19 first-year, 8 second-year and 7 third-year residents. Following the intervention, KS increased significantly (p<0.001) with progression in residents’ attitudes. Overall, more RES reported being comfortable with handling the IP, including looking up and changing the settings (p<0.001).ConclusionThere is scope for improvement in the knowledge and perceptions of RES regarding IPs. Educational interventions like ours are needed to familiarise our future physicians with IPs to allow hospitals to provide their systematic and safe inpatient use.

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