Preparation of Titanium Oxide Supported MCM-48 by the Designed Dispersion of Titanylacetylacetonate
Silica-Pillar Formation Mechanism in Layer Structured Manganese Titanate
Synthesis of Titania Pillared Mica in Aqueous Solution of Acetic Acid
Order Distance Estimation in Porous Glasses via Transformed Correlation Function of Small-Angle Scattering
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Monoclinic Zirconia Microfiltration Membranes : Preparation and Characterization
The Effect of Large Particles on Microfiltration of Small Particles
Experimental and Kinetic Studies on Pore Development During CO2 Activation of Oil-Palm-Shell Char
Carbon Cloth Reinforced Carbon Aerogel Films Derived from Resorcinol Formaldehyde
Electrical Transport Properties of Carbon Aerogels