An Actor–Partner Interdependence Analysis of the ABC-X Stress Model Among Clergy Couples

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This study used the ABC-X model of Family Stress (Hill, 1949) and the Actor–Partner Interdependence Model (Cook & Kenny, 2005) to illuminate how the interactions between demands (A-factor), social supports (B-factor), and perceived impacts of demands and supports (C-factor) might influence overall well-being (X-factor) of 155 clergy couples (N = 310). Three C-factor variables such as actor’s and partner’s satisfaction with social supports and actor’s ministry demand–impact were significantly related to overall well-being. However, the A- and B-factor variables were not significantly related to the overall well-being, suggesting well-being is more than having fewer demands or access to more resources. One interaction term related to the actor’s and partner’s burnout was significant. A between-couple predictor of congregation size was significantly related to the higher well-being of the couples. The implications of these findings were discussed to better understand the relationship of specific stressors on the well-being of clergy couples.

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