Spirituality and the Temporal Dynamics of Transcendental Positive Emotions

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This study examined the relationships between individual differences in spirituality, as measured by the Daily Spiritual Experience (DSE) scale, and the temporal dynamics of transcendental positive emotions. Using event-sampling, in which 390 participants rated their emotions repeatedly at 30-min intervals over 2 days, it was found that higher DSE was associated with higher variability and instability in transcendental positive emotions at 30-min intervals. Also, higher DSE was associated with higher inertia in transcendental positive emotions and greater switch from negative emotions to transcendental positive emotions across the 2 days. Importantly, these relationships were independent of the Five-Factor Model personality constructs, were generally not replicated in other emotions, and were also independent of the temporal dynamics of other emotions. The article discusses, among other issues, what these findings might mean for the well-being implications of spirituality.

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