Effect of irrigation applied at different growth stages and length of irrigation period on quality characters of potato tubers

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Potatoes were irrigated at three growth stages: (1) planting-stolon initiation. (2) stolon initiation-tuber bulking, and (3) tuber bulking, when available soil water dropped to 25%, 50% and 75%, bringing it up to field capacity; and irrigation ceased 0, 10 and 20 days before maturity.


Significant increases in specific gravity, dry matter, starch content, chip yield and significant decreases in protein content and oil absorption rate of chips were observed due to the frequent irrigation at growth stages 1 and 2. No significant effect on chip colour was attributed to irrigation during the early growth stages.


Frequent irrigations at the final growth stage were found to have deleterious effects on specific gravity, dry matter, starch content and chip yield especially when irrigation continued until maturity.

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