Research inSolanumspp. of sources of resistance to the potato tuber mothPhthorimaea operculella(Zeller)

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SummaryThe potato tuber moth (PTM) represents a dangerous pest on potato crop in Italy, spreading out from southern areas to central and northern areas.Introductions of Solanum berthaultii, S. commersonii, S. pinnatisectum, S. sparsipilum, S. spegazzini, S. sucurense, S. tarijense wild species and S. tuberosum × S. berthaultii hybrids were evaluated for resistance to a PTM population isolated from a field in central Italy, by means of an antibiosis test on tubers in the laboratory and of an antixenosis trial in the field. Several S. sparsipilum and S. pinnatisectum clones showed an antibiosis effect on larval survival and antixenosis of the aerial and the hypogeal parts of the plant. In the field, the genotypes with leaf glandular trichomes did not revcal the expected antixenosis effect of the acrial part of the plant.

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