Important Threats in Potato Production and Integrated Pathogen/Pest Management

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Since the 1970s climate in Europe warmed rapidly. Over the next years climate is expected to become gradually milder and more humid in northern Europe and hotter and drier in southern Europe. These changes are forecasted to be responsible for major changes in the distribution of plant and animal species, pathogen/pest prevalence and their biodiversity. On the other hand, some changes in variability and epidemiology of pathogens are affected by biological factors. In the first part of this paper an overview is given of pathogens and pests that are potentially affected by climate change and are or will become a significant threat in potato production. The second part of the paper deals with integrated crop protection of potato against various pathogens and pests, considered the best solution for these disease and pest problems. Management of persistent and recurrent diseases and pests of potato requires the integration of many control measures to achieve an efficient crop protection. The protection of potato has to start very early before planting.

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