Schröndiger Type and Relaxed Dirichlet Problems for the Subelliptic p-Laplacian
Simultaneous Solutions of the Weak Dirichlet Problem*
A Characterization of Grand Canonical Gibbs Measures by Duality
A Bounded Plurisubharmonic Function Which is not an Infinite Sum of Continuous Plurisubharmonic Functions
Lévy–Khintchine Formula and Dual Convolution Semigroups Associated with Laguerre and Bessel Functions
Convexity Theorem for Subharmonic Functions with Respect to the Kolmogorov Operator
Stochastic Plots and Universal Cover of the Loop Space
Smooth Measures and Regular Strongly Supermedian Kernels Generating Sub-Markovian Resolvents☆
On the Limits at the Martin Boundary for a Class of Functions
On Generalized Measure Contraction Property and Energy Functionals over Lipschitz Maps
Additive Kernels and Integral Representation of Potentials
Green Function Bounds and Parabolic Potentials on a Half-Space