Potential environmental benefits of prospective genetic changes in broiler traits
Effects of conjugated linoleic acid and lutein on the growth performance and immune response of broiler chickens
Effect of Clostridium perfringens infection and antibiotic administration on microbiota in the small intestine of broiler chickens
Dietary L-arginine levels affect the liver protein turnover and alter the expression of genes related to protein synthesis and proteolysis of laying hens
Energy value of poultry byproduct meal and animal-vegetable oil blend for broiler chickens by the regression method
Lysine mediation of neuroendocrine food regulation in guinea fowl
Replacing soybean meal with gelatin extracted from cow skin and corn protein concentrate as a protein source in broiler diets
Efficacy of feed additives against Campylobacter in live broilers during the entire rearing period1
Evaluating best practices for Campylobacter and Salmonella reduction in poultry processing plants
Incubation temperature manipulation during fetal development reduces adiposity of broiler hatchlings
Bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis and lameness in broilers: a review
AMPK and mTOR: sensors and regulators of immunometabolic changes during Salmonella infection in the chicken
Wild-type and mutant AvrA− Salmonella induce broadly similar immune pathways in the chicken ceca with key differences in signaling intermediates and inflammation
Differential ex vivo responses of primary leukocytes from turkey pedigree lines to Salmonella Heidelberg
Selection for pro-inflammatory mediators produces chickens more resistant to Clostridium perfringens -induced necrotic enteritis
Brief review of the chicken Major Histocompatibility Complex: the genes, their distribution on chromosome 16, and their contributions to disease resistance
MHC variability in heritage breeds of chickens
Genetic variation of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) in wild Red Junglefowl ( Gallus gallus )
Virus and host genomic, molecular, and cellular interactions during Marek's disease pathogenesis and oncogenesis
Interleukin-10 neutralizing antibody for detection of intestinal luminal levels and as a dietary additive in Eimeria challenged broiler chicks
Oral antibody to interleukin-10 reduces growth rate depression due to Eimeria spp. infection in broiler chickens
Immune effects of chicken non-MHC alloantigens1
Genetic parameters of IgM and IgG antibodies binding autoantigens in healthy chickens
Commercial Hy-Line W-36 pullet and laying hen venous blood gas and chemistry profiles utilizing the portable i-STAT®1 analyzer
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