Comparisons of bone properties and keel deformities between strains and housing systems in end-of-lay hens
Effects of post-hatch brooding temperature on broiler behavior, welfare, and growth
Evaluating Pekin duck walking ability using a treadmill performance test
Discovery of an expanded set of avian leukosis subgroup E proviruses in chickens using Vermillion, a novel sequence capture and analysis pipeline
Campylobacter jejuni colonization promotes the translocation of Escherichia coli to extra-intestinal organs and disturbs the short-chain fatty acids profiles in the chicken gut
Effect of yeast-derived products on systemic innate immune response of broiler chickens following a lipopolysaccharide challenge
Activation of chicken bone marrow-derived dendritic cells induced by a Salmonella Enteritidis ghost vaccine candidate
Effects of Oridonin on growth performance and oxidative stress in broilers challenged with lipopolysaccharide
Cloning, characterization, and expression analysis of LGP2 cDNA from goose, Anser cygnoides
Effects of dietary L-isoleucine on laying performance and immunomodulation of laying hens
Relationships of eggshell, air cell, and cloacal temperatures of embryonated broiler hatching eggs during incubation 1,2
Nutritive value of cold-pressed camelina cake with or without supplementation of multi-enzyme in broiler chickens
The level and source of free-methionine affect body composition and breast muscle traits in growing broilers 1
Interactive effects of dietary adaptation period length and titration diet type on apparent ileal phosphorus digestibility and phosphorus retention in growing broilers 1
Effects of dietary oligosaccharide supplementation on growth performance, concentrations of the major odor-causing compounds in excreta, and the cecal microflora of broilers
Individual and combined effects of in-ovo injection of creatine monohydrate and glucose on somatic characteristics, energy status, and posthatch performance of broiler embryos and hatchlings
Determination of the adequate dose of garlic diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide for effecting changes in growth performance, total-tract nutrient and energy digestibility, ileal characteristics, and serum immune parameters in broiler chickens
Effect of feeding duration of diets containing corn distillers dried grains with solubles on productive performance, egg quality, and lutein and zeaxanthin concentrations of egg yolk in laying hens
Assessing the microbiomes of scalder and chiller tank waters throughout a typical commercial poultry processing day
Viral proliferation and expression of tumor-related gene in different chicken embryo fibroblasts infected with different tumorigenic phenotypes of avian leukosis virus subgroup J
A comparative study of heat shock protein 70 in normal and PSE (pale, soft, exudative)-like muscle from broiler chickens 1
Effects of development and delayed feed access on ghrelin expression in neonatal broiler chickens
The effect of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore on apoptosis in Eimeria tenella host cells
Heterogeneous size datasets of broiler intestinal microbial communities can be analyzed without normalization
Morphological, densitometric and mechanical properties of pelvic limb bones in 14-month-old female ostriches ( Struthio camelus )
Periodical low eggshell temperatures during incubation and post hatch dietary arginine supplementation: Effects on performance and cold tolerance acquisition in broilers
Peach skin powder inhibits oxidation in cooked turkey meat
Effects of water-misting spray combined with forced ventilation on heat induced meat gelation in broiler after summer transport
Instrumental texture characteristics of broiler pectoralis major with the wooden breast condition 1
Effect of fast pH decline during the early postmortem period on calpain activity and cytoskeletal protein degradation of broiler M. pectoralis major
Transfer of bioactive compounds from pasture to meat in organic free-range chickens
Comparison of sensory texture attributes of broiler breast fillets with different degrees of white striping *
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