Nesting behavior of Hy-Line hens in modified enriched colony cages
The effect of chronic ammonia exposure on acute-phase proteins, immunoglobulin, and cytokines in laying hens
Transcriptional comparison of myogenesis in leghorn and low score normal embryos
Multi-generational genome wide association studies identify chromosomal regions associated with ascites phenotype
Genetic basis of leg health and its relationship with body weight in purebred turkey lines
Experimental validation of the AVIVET trap, a tool to quantitatively monitor the dynamics of Dermanyssus gallinae populations in laying hens
Effect of in ovo injection of raffinose on growth performance and gut health parameters of broiler chicken
Characterization of a hypervirulent fowl adenovirus 4 with the novel genotype newly prevalent in China and establishment of reproduction infection model of hydropericardium syndrome in chickens
The relationship between liver-kidney impairment and viral load after nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis virus infection in embryonic chickens
Molecular characterization of Marek's disease virus in a poultry layer farm from Colombia
Bone characteristics, histopathology, and chondrocyte apoptosis in femoral head necrosis induced by glucocorticoid in broilers
Performance and anticoccidial effects of nicarbazin-fed broilers reared at standard or reduced environmental temperatures
Selection for pro-inflammatory mediators produces chickens more resistant to Campylobacter jejuni
Effects of different storage time on hatching results and some egg quality characteristics of rock partridge ( A. graeca ) (management and production)
Comparison of growth curve models in partridge
Potential of pelleted wheat straw as an alternative bedding material for broilers
Operational challenges and opportunities in pastured poultry operations in the United States
The efficacy of raw and concentrated bentonite clay in reducing the toxic effects of aflatoxin in broiler chicks
Supplementation of fine and coarse limestone in different ratios in a split feeding system: Effects on performance, egg quality, and bone strength in old laying hens
Efficacy of 1,3-diacylglycerol as a fat emulsifier in low-density diet for broilers
Results of an international phosphorus digestibility ring test with broiler chickens
Equations of prediction for abdominal fat in brown egg-laying hens fed different diets
Variability in amino acid digestibility and metabolizable energy of corn studied in cecectomized laying hens1
Effects of dietary methionine on growth performance, meat quality and oxidative status of breast muscle in fast- and slow-growing broilers
Prenatal betaine exposure modulates hypothalamic expression of cholesterol metabolic genes in cockerels through modifications of DNA methylation
Effect of broiler breeders fed with corn or sorghum diet and canthaxanthin supplementation on production and reproductive performance
Exploring the in vivo digestion of plant proteins in broiler chickens
Effects of dietary rapeseed meal supplementation on cecal microbiota in laying hens with different flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 genotypes
Effects of caponization and age on the histology, lipid localization, and fiber diameter in muscles from Greenleg Partridge cockerels
Effects of feeding the herb Borreria latifolia on the meat quality of village chickens in Malaysia
Productive performance and blood profiles of laying hens fed Hermetia illucens larvae meal as total replacement of soybean meal from 24 to 45 weeks of age
Comparative omega-3 fatty acid enrichment of egg yolks from first-cycle laying hens fed flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed
Effects of dietary L-arginine levels on small intestine protein turnover and the expression of genes related to protein synthesis and proteolysis of layers
Performance and tissue fatty acid profile of broiler chickens and laying hens fed hemp oil and HempOmegaTM
Pasture flock chicken cecal microbiome responses to prebiotics and plum fiber feed amendments
Effects of feeding Original XPC™ to broilers with a live coccidiosis-vaccine under industry conditions: Part 1. Growth performance and Salmonella inhibition
Application of bacteriophages to reduce Salmonella attachment and biofilms on hard surfaces
Comparative responses of chicken macrophages to infection with Salmonella enterica serovars
Changes in renal gene expression associated with induced ochratoxicosis in chickens: activation and deactivation of transcripts after varying durations of exposure
Transcriptome analysis of comb and testis from Rose-comb Silky chicken (R1/R1) and Beijing Fatty wild type chicken (r/r)
Expression of advanced glycation end-products and NFκB in chick embryos exposed to dioxins and treated with acetylsalicylic acid and α-tocopherol
In-ovo monochromatic green light photostimulation enhances embryonic somatotropic axis activity
Effects of breeder age, strain, and eggshell temperature on nutrient metabolism of broiler embryos
Chemoprevention of spontaneous ovarian cancer in the domestic hen
Regulation of turkey myogenic satellite cell migration by MicroRNAs miR-128 and miR-24
Effect of Chinese herbal medicine treatment on plasma lipid profile and hepatic lipid metabolism in Hetian broiler
Effects of an induced molt using cassava meal on body weight loss, blood physiology, ovarian regression, and postmolt egg production in late-phase laying hens
Goose embryonic development from oviposition through 16 hours of incubation
Thermal treatments prior to and during the beginning of incubation affects development of the broiler embryo and yolk sac membranes, and live performance and carcass characteristics
Effects of maize naturally contaminated with aflatoxin B1 on growth performance, intestinal morphology, and digestive physiology in ducks
Predicting hairline fractures in eggs of mature hens
Effect of pH on the interaction of volatile compounds with the myofibrillar proteins of duck meat
Critical limits for the control points for halal poultry slaughter
In vitro cytotoxic and ACE-inhibitory activities of promod 278P hydrolysate of ovotransferrin from chicken egg white