Phosphorus bioavailability in increased-protein, reduced-fiber canola meal, conventional canola meal, and soybean meal fed to crossbred chicks

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Three experiments were conducted to evaluate 3 increased-protein, reduced-fiber canola meals (CM) (CMA, CMB, and Test CM), 2 conventional CM (CCM), and 2 soybean meals (SBM). For determination of P bioavailability in CM and SBM, a P-deficient cornstarch-dextrose-SBM basal diet was fed as Diet 1. The latter basal diet was then supplemented with 0.05 and 0.10% P from KH2PO4 or 12.5 and 25% of a CM or SBM. In addition, the effect of phytase enzyme on bioavailability of the P in CMA, Test CM, and one of the CCM was determined using P-deficient 45% CM-cornstarch-dextrose diets (0.11 to 0.15% non-phytate P), with a CM as the only source of dietary P. Additional diets contained 0.05 and 0.10% added P from KH2PO4 or 125 to 500 units phytase added per kg of diet. Crossbred chicks (New Hampshire X Columbian) were fed the experimental diets from 8 to 21 d post hatch in all experiments, and bioavailability of P was estimated using the slope ratio method in which tibia ash was regressed on supplemental P intake. A linear increase in tibia ash was observed as the P level increased by the addition of KH2PO4, CMA, CMB, or SBM. Based on the mean values of tibia ash in mg/tibia and tibia ash %, the mean bioavailabilities of P in the 3 increased-protein, reduced-fiber CM, 3 CCM, and 2 SBM relative to KH2PO4 were 18, 15, and 39%, respectively. A linear increase in weight gain and tibia ash was observed with addition of KH2PO4 or phytase to the P-deficient CM diets. It was estimated that 125 or 250 units/kg microbial phytase resulted in approximately 0.05 and 0.10% P being released from CM, respectively. In conclusion, the bioavailablity of the P in the new increased-protein, reduced-fiber CM was similar to that of CCM. Furthermore, phytase substantially and similarly increased the bioavailability of P in both types of CM.

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