Antiviral effect of baicalin phospholipid complex against duck hepatitis A virus type 1

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Duck hepatitis A virus type 1 (DHAV-1) is one of the main pathogens of ducklings and causes a high mortality rate. Baicalin (BA) has potent antiviral effect, but the solubility is very poor. In order to increase the absorption, solubility, and pharmacological activity, the phospholipid complex was used to modify BA in present study. Therefore, BA phospholipid complex (BAPC) was prepared. The anti-DHAV-1 abilities of BA and BAPC in vitro was evaluated by cell counting kit-8 and reverse transcription quantitative PCR. The curative effects of BA and BAPC on ducklings which were infected by DHAV-1 in addition to the ALT and AST levels were also detected. The results indicated the anti-DHAV-1 ability of BAPC was stronger than that of BA both in vitro and in vivo. To explore the anti-DHAV-1 mechanism, the influence of BAPC on DHAV-1 adsorption, replication, and release was studied. Furthermore, the anti-oxidative and immuno-enhancing abilities of BAPC in the treatment of infected ducklings were also determined. The results showed BAPC inhibited DHAV-1 adsorption, replication and release. Furthermore, it played anti-oxidative and immno-enhancing roles in the treatment, and the immno-enhancing role was crucial to the treatment.

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