Effects of packaging conditions on somefunctional and sensory attributes of goose meat

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The objective of the work was to investigate the effect of modified atmosphere (MA) packaging (high oxygen modified atmosphere and vacuum) on pH, water holding capacity and cooking loss of raw goose meat, and on the sensory assessment and shear force of roasted meat. Samples refrigerated at 1°C were tested within 24 h after slaughter (unpacked meat) and on d 4, 7, 11, and 14 of storage (modified atmosphere or vacuum packed meat).

The type of atmosphere used in packaging determined the functional properties of goose meat such as: pH, WHC, cooking loss and shear force. This is important from both the culinary and technological viewpoint. At the end of storage the meat packed in MA (consisting of 80% O2, 20%CO2) had higher cooking loss, lower pH values, and water holding capacity in comparison to samples stored in vacuum. The type of atmosphere influenced the sensory descriptors (characteristic odor and flavor, tenderness, juiciness and general evaluation) of roasted meat. Samples packed in MA did worse during sensory assessment with respect to odor and flavor, tenderness, juiciness and general assessment. Thus meat stored under modified atmosphere showed lower productivity and was less tender and juicy.

The goose breast muscles packed in vacuum proved to be better suited for consumption and processing as compared to those packed in high oxygen MA.

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