Efficacy of polymers from spontaneous carotenoid oxidation in reducing necrotic enteritis in broilers

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This study evaluated the preventive effect of the spontaneous oxidation of β-carotene (OxC-beta) in broiler chickens with necrotic enteritis by Clostridium perfringens taking into consideration various parameters including clinical signs, body weight, intestinal lesion severity, and bacterial enumeration. The mean body weight of the OxC-beta treatment groups increased significantly (P < 0.05) compared to that of the C. perfringens challenge group. Intestinal lesion scores due to C. perfringens infection were significantly alleviated by OxC-beta treatment (P < 0.05), and the number of clostridial bacteria in intestine was reduced by OxC-beta in a dose-dependent manner. OxC-beta in feed contributes to the prevention of necrotic enteritis in commercial broiler chicken, and has a positive effect in improving productivity.

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