Impact of a multicarbohydrase containing α-galactosidase and xylanase on ileal digestible energy, crude protein digestibility, and ileal amino acid digestibility in broiler chickens

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Exogenous enzymatic supplementation of poultry feeds, including α-galactosidase and xylanase, has been shown to increase metabolically available energy, although little information has been published on the impact on amino acid digestibility. An experiment was conducted to investigate a multicarbohydrase containing α-galactosidase and xylanase on amino acid digestibility, ileal digestible energy (IDE), and CP in male broiler chicks. The experiment was a 2 × 2 (diet × enzyme) factorial arrangement with 15 replicates of 8 male broilers per replicate raised for 21 d in a battery setting. The 2 dietary treatments included a positive control (PC) and a negative control (NC) diet formulated to contain 2.5% less calculated AME and digestible amino acids. Each of these diets was fed with and without enzyme. Broilers were fed a starter diet from 0-14 d (crumble) and a grower from 14-21 d (pellet). Birds were sampled on day 21 to determine ileal amino acid digestibility, IDE, and CP digestibility. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) was used as an indigestible marker for the determination of digestibility coefficients. Total ileal amino acid digestibility was increased (P = 0.008) by 3.80% with the inclusion of enzyme. Methionine and lysine digestibility was improved (P < 0.05) with the inclusion of enzyme by 3.37% and 2.61%, respectively. Enzyme inclusion increased (P = 0.001) cysteine digestibility by 9.3%. Diet-influenced ileal amino acid digestibility with tryptophan, threonine, isoleucine, and valine digestibility being increased (P < 0.05) in the PC when compared to the NC. IDE was decreased (P = 0.037) in broilers fed the NC diet by 100 kcal/kg feed when compared to broilers fed the PC diet. Enzyme inclusion increased (P = 0.047) IDE value by 90 kcal/kg. Crude protein digestibility was not influenced by diet; however, similar improvements in CP digestibility with enzyme inclusion were observed as with energy. These data support the benefits of a multicarbohydrase containing α-galactosidase and xylanase inclusion to improve nutrient and ileal amino acid digestibility across multiple dietary nutrient profiles.

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