An Integrative Review of Bullying and Lateral Violence Among Nurses in Magnet® Organizations

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Over the past several years, researchers have postulated that Magnet® organizations improve collegiality and potentially could mitigate workplace bullying and lateral violence (BLV). In order to synthesize and evaluate the existing literature on BLV in the Magnet® setting, an integrative review was conducted. The final analysis consisted of 11 articles (8 quantitative and 3 qualitative studies) and revealed that researchers still use a variety of terms to define and measure BLV. Several of the studies used blended samples of both Magnet® and non-Magnet nurses, making it difficult to evaluate for response differences. The existing studies suggest that BLV continues to exist and remain a large issue even in the Magnet® setting (Hickson, 2013; Latham, Ringl, & Hogan, 2013). Future studies should examine the prevalence of BLV in both Magnet® and non-Magnet organizations and also explore the organizational factors that reduce its occurrence.

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