Intrarater Range of Motion Reliability in Cerebral Palsy: A Comparison of Assessment Methods

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To compare intrarater reliability of goniometry performed with and without an assistant and compare the reliability of the Staheli and Thomas tests of hip extension. Visual estimation was also evaluated as a method of range of motion assessment.


Twenty-five children with cerebral palsy (50 legs) were evaluated in a blind fashion.


Interclass correlations (ICCs) ranged from 0.9701 to 0.9804 and from 0.9685 to 0.9822 for 1 and 2-person goniometry, respectively. Pearson product moment correlations of 0.8944 to 0.9553 for visual estimation were established. Staheli and Thomas test ICCs were 0.9793 and 0.9804, respectively.


Goniometry with 1 and 2 assessors both produced ICCs in the excellent range as did the Staheli and Thomas test measurements of hip extension. The use of an assistant did not provide additional benefit. Visual estimation showed excellent correlation with goniometry.

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