Position Between Trunk and Pelvis During Gait Depending on the Gross Motor Function Classification System

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To understand whether there is a trunk postural control threshold in the sagittal plane for the transition between the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels measured with 3-dimensional gait analysis.


Kinematics from 97 children with spastic bilateral cerebral palsy from spine angles according to Plug-In Gait model (Vicon) were plotted relative to their GMFCS level.


Only average and minimum values of the lumbar spine segment correlated with GMFCS levels. Maximal values at loading response correlated independently with age at all functional levels. Average and minimum values were significant when analyzing age in combination with GMFCS level.


There are specific postural control patterns in the average and minimum values for the position between trunk and pelvis in the sagittal plane during gait, for the transition among GMFCS I-III levels. Higher classifications of gross motor skills correlate with more extended spine angles.

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