Highlights from this issue
Functional neurological symptoms : welcome to the new normal
The UK Risk-Sharing Scheme for interferon-beta and glatiramer acetate in multiple sclerosis. Outcome of the year-6 analysis
Functional neurological disorders : the neurological assessment as treatment
Atraumatic needles for lumbar puncture : why haven't neurologists changed?
Stroke in pregnancy : a case-oriented review
Neoplastic cauda equina syndrome : a neuroimaging-based review
Apathy : a practical guide for neurologists
The zebra sign : an unknown known
Glut1 deficiency syndrome : Absence epilepsy and La Soupe du Jour
‘Insulin neuritis’ to ‘treatment-induced neuropathy of diabetes’ : new name, same mystery
Explaining functional disorders in the neurology clinic : a photo story
How to run a multiple sclerosis relapse clinic
How to set up a clinical database
Reversible splenial lesion syndrome
Flowers for Algernon
ABN news