Microvascular Staged Phalloplasty Preserving Original Glans in a Severe Hypospadias: A Case Report

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Penile reconstruction is usually performed in patients with gender dysphoria; with penile loss because of trauma, infection, and tumors; and with congenital deformities like severe hypospadias, in which standard techniques do not achieve a good result. Hypospadias are one of the most common inherent genital anomalies in boys. Many surgical procedures have been published for total phallic reconstruction aiming at a functionally and aesthetically pleasing. We present a case of reconstruction of the penis in a severe hypospadias in a 40-year-old man by transferring the original glans to the forearm flap and a stiffening procedure with an osteocutaneous fibular flap 3 months after first surgery. Three months postoperatively, the final result was an acceptable sexual intercourse, normal voiding, and quite normal appearance. Microvascular staged phalloplasty preserving original glans in a severe hypospadia could be considered a surgical option for micropenis. Technical difficulties and microsurgical advanced skills are the main drawback of this approach.

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