A Predictable Approach for Osteotomy in Rhinoplasty: A New Concept of Open External Osteotomy

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Nasal osteotomies are a cornerstone step for closing an open roof deformity after dorsal hump surgery. Notwithstanding, the optimal method of nasal osteotomy remains controversial, as evidenced by the variety of approaches with no consensus between authors. Moreover, the election of the technique responds to surgeon’s preference. We proposed a new way to perform both medial and lateral osteotomies under direct vision. Direct vision of nasal osteotomies provides more predictable control and precision than blind procedures, making this procedure more reliable and easier for both novel and experienced surgeons. Other advantages include conservation of nasal muscle, angular vasculature, and periosteum, which allow less postoperative ecchymosis and edema and less risk of synechia and lacrimal sac injury.

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