Management of Senile Ptosis with Levator Muscle Resection Using the Putterman Clamp

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Putterman clamp, a muscle clamp, is commonly used in conjunctival müllerectomies. We report 3 cases of senile ptosis repaired with levator muscle resection using the Putterman clamp. The redundant levator aponeurosis was removed with electrocautery after clamping with the Putterman clamp. The levator muscle was refixed to the tarsus with three 4-0 Vicryl stitches after adjusting the height of the eyelid fissure. No intraoperative difficulties were encountered. Ecchymosis and edema were limited in the immediate postoperative period. No complications were noted during the follow-up. The benefits of using the Putterman clamp in levator muscle resection are illustrated in these cases.

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