Single-layer Closure with Tongue Flap for Palatal Fistula in Cleft Palate Patients

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Tongue flap is a good option to close a complicated palatal fistula in cleft patients. Most surgeons advocate a double-layer closure to decrease the recurrence rates. In this study, we have reported our experience with a modified single-layer closure with tongue flap in cleft patients.


All cases done by a single surgeon using this modified technique in a period of 10 years were retrospectively reviewed. A thorough description of this technique is also provided in the study.


Only 5 cases were operated on using this technique. The success rate of all these cases was 100%, with no recurrence of fistula and few complications.


This technique provides a way to avoid nasal layer closure in cases where nasal layer is difficult or impossible to close. It also limits the need for a second flap for nasal layer closure.

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