The Stainless Steel Wire-based Method of Sogawa Effectively Corrects Severe Ingrown Nails

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Ingrown nails are defined as inflammation of the lateral nail fold that is caused by penetration by the nail plate and associates with pain and/or infection. The pain associated with ingrown nail hampers walking, raises the risk of falls, and decreases the quality of life. The Sogawa method is a novel conservative medical treatment for ingrown nails that is based on stainless steel wire. It was first reported in 2012 by Sogawa, and we have found that it is very effective for ingrown nails, especially in difficult cases. Here, we show the beneficial effects of the Sogawa method in 2 extremely difficult cases where ingrown nails had recurred after partial nail ablation. We found the Sogawa method to be a quick and easy technique that rapidly improves the pain associated with ingrown nails and later produces properly configured nails. Our experience suggests that it is suitable for severe ingrown nails, such as too short ingrown nails and ingrown nails that have strong inflammation and granulation tissue formation. This is significant because it is difficult to treat such cases with conventional conservative methods, which means that the only remaining therapeutic option is surgery. Thus, the Sogawa method is a novel and highly effective ingrown nail treatment that obviates the need for invasive surgical treatment.

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