Buttock Reconstruction in Sarcoma Surgery: An Esthetic Sigmoidplasty Closure for Large Circular Defects Using Double Opposing Skin Flaps

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Large defects arising from extirpation surgery of buttock sarcomas requiring adjuvant radiotherapy are best closed with flap surgery. The traditional solutions are derived from an approach to pressure sores, which were designed for the ischial, sacral, or trochanteric areas, and have now been adapted for true buttock defects. This invariably destroys the esthetics of the buttock. We describe a novel technique of sigmoidplasty, which preserves most of the esthetic features.


We report on a retrospective review of 11 consecutive buttock sarcomas managed at our institution between 2009 and 2014, focusing on those for which the described reconstruction method was used (N = 5).


The immediate outcome was very good. In 1 patient, partial loss of 1 of the flaps and the management thereof resulted in a minor contour deformity. In general, the buttock volume was significantly decreased but the shape was preserved. This was obtained without secondary donor defect and with minimal contour irregularity. Long-term follow-up remained pleasing, and all patients were satisfied with the outcomes.


The described technique of buttock defect closure satisfies the oncoplastic principles of tumor surgery with the added benefit of superior esthetics. We suggest that it is a versatile adjunct to the reconstructive surgeon’s armamentarium for buttock reconstruction after sarcoma excision, particularly when the gluteal artery perforator systems are unavailable.

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