A New Modified Method of Correcting Cryptotia with a Subcutaneous Pedicled Flap

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Summary:We developed a surgical technique to correct cryptotia using a subcutaneous pedicled flap raised from the retroauricular region. A skin paddle over the caudal part of the auricular sulcus is designed and transferred to the skin defect of the upper posterior surface of the auricle. This procedure has been performed on 17 ears in 14 patients with cryptotia since 1992. There were no postoperative complications, such as necrosis of the flaps or deformities, and cryptotia did not recur in any patient. A satisfactory auricular contour with a sufficiently deep auriculotemporal sulcus was preserved in all cases. The intraoperative procedure to correct cryptotia and outcomes obtained are presented herein and compared with other procedures.

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