Personalized 3D Printed Surgical Tool for Guiding the Chisel during Hump Reduction in Rhinoplasty

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Summary:The authors aimed to present an introduction of patient-specific model in rhinoplasty by introducing a 3D printed surgical guide designed and adapted in an individualized manner for guiding dorsal hump reduction. To introduce the tool, we have designed a six step workflow. First, we obtain a digital 3D model of patient anatomy using computed tomography (CT) images. Second, we conduct a surgical preoperative planning of the rhinoplasty on the mentioned model. Third step consists of designing the guide, while taking into account nasal anthropometries and resection objectives. Fourth step is printing the guide and sterilizing it. Fifth step is performing the surgery. The last step is analyzing the main outcomes of the surgery. Our surgical guide allowed us to perform only 1 step osteotomy instead of the usual multistep osteotomy and remove exactly the amount of dorsum that we decided to remove during the preoperative planning. The duration of intervention was considerably shorter than conventional osteotomy. Using the guide was technically easier than the conventional method and reduced the learning curve from years to minutes (once the guide is printed). Moreover, the patient understanding of the procedure was significantly better after showing the 3D model of the surgery. The surgical guide allows a surgeon to transfer with extreme simplicity the presurgical planning to the surgical field. We have to point out that the design of the study does not allow us to quantify predictability, so future studies are needed to demonstrate an accuracy benefit over the former techniques.

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