Reconstruction of Anterior Neck Scar Contracture Using A Perforator-Supercharged Transposition Flap

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Summary:Reconstruction of the anterior neck requires attention to both aesthetic and functional outcomes. In general, skin grafts are not suitable for anterior neck reconstruction in Asian patients, even when artificial dermis is used before skin grafting. Therefore, we have employed various types of thin flaps for anterior neck reconstruction, including the cervico-pectoral flap. However, we have realized that, to fully release neck contractures and therefore achieve the full range of neck extension, the skin pedicle must be sufficiently wide. Therefore, we have started reconstructing anterior neck scar contractures using wide, thin, and long flaps that are harvested from the anterior chest wall. In this article, we describe the case of a 71-year-old man who presented with a neck contracture and tracheal fistula after receiving extensive burns. A transposition flap bearing the internal mammary artery perforator was harvested from the anterior chest wall to repair the neck wounds that were left after removing the scar. At the same time, the tracheal fistula was covered by the flap. The aesthetic and functional results were acceptable. The effectiveness of supercharged transposition flaps from the anterior chest wall for reconstructing anterior neck scar contraction is discussed.

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