Treatment of Painful Nerves in the Abdominal Wall Using Processed Nerve Allografts

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Summary:Neuromas can be a debilitating cause of pain and often negatively affect patients’ quality of life. One effective method of treatment involves surgical resection of the painful neuroma and use of a processed nerve allograft to repair the injured nerve segment. Giving the nerve “somewhere to go and something to do” has been shown to effectively alleviate pain in upper and lower extremities. We present the first report of this concept to treat a painful neuroma of the abdominal wall that developed following a laparoscopic gastric bypass. The neuroma was excised, and the affected nerve was reconstructed using a processed nerve allograft as an interposition graft, with resolution of pain and gradual return of normal sensation. Patient-reported outcomes were measured using the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System. Neuroma excision with concurrent interposition grafting using processed nerve allografts may be a promising method of treatment for postsurgical painful neuromas of the trunk.

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