The Impact of Microsurgery on Congenital Hand Anomalies Associated with Amniotic Band Syndrome

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Background:Amniotic Band Syndrome is a clinical constellation of congenital anomalies characterized by constricting rings, tissue synechiae and amputation of body parts distal to the constriction bands. Involvement of the hand with loss of multiple digits not only leads to devastating deformities but also loss of functionality.Methods:In this series, utilizing microvascular transfer of the second toe from both feet, along with local tissue reconfiguration, a tetra-digital hand with simile of normal cascade was reconstructed. A consecutive series of eight children with Amniotic Band Syndrome, younger than two years in age operated on by single surgeon over a twenty five year interval was reviewed.Results:There was no flap loss. The hands were sensate with effective simple prehensile function.Conclusion:Application of Microvascular toe-to-hand transfer for well selected, albeit severe hand deformity in Amniotic Band Syndrome is a valid surgical concept.

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