Technique Refinement in Prepectoral Implant Breast Reconstruction with Vicryl Mesh Pocket and Acellular Dermal Matrix Support

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Summary:Direct-to-implant reconstruction after mastectomy is routinely performed with excellent oncologic and aesthetic outcomes. Several different techniques for placement of the prosthesis including total and partial subpectoral coverage have been described. Prepectoral implant placement is increasingly reported as a safe method, while patient selection and techniques are areas of further work. Most prepectoral prosthesis placement techniques describe complete acellular dermal matrix (ADM) coverage of the implant, often requiring multiple or larger ADM sheets than a comparable subpectoral implant procedure, resulting in high cost per reconstructed breast. This article describes the use of a vicryl mesh pocket and ADM support in prepectoral breast reconstruction achieving predicable and safe results at a lower cost.

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