Neoumbilicoplasty with a Superiorly Based Abdominal Skin Flap

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Summary:We propose a neoumbilicoplasty technique that can be applied when the umbilical stalk becomes disrupted during an abdominoplasty. This case used surgical concepts that involved progressive thinning of the flap in a 3-cm radius around the neoumbilicus, with increased thinning toward the neoumbilical position. This was followed with suture tacking of the thinned abdominal flap to create a concavity around the neoumbilicus. A longer “U” shaped incision was created and also sutured down to abdominal wall to recreate an umbilical “floor” with the adjacent skin sutured to the superior-based flap to construct the walls of the neoumbilicus. An aesthetically pleasing umbilicus resulted with high patient satisfaction and a lack of postoperative complications. There were no additional scars extending beyond the umbilical region.

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