The Use of Temporoparietal Fascia Flap for Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Auricle Defects

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Auricular reconstruction is 1 of the biggest challenges of facial plastic surgery. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of 1-stage reconstruction of an auricle using a temporoparietal fascia flap (TPFF).


In this nonrandomized study, autologous auricle bodies with emergency condition and cartilaginous graft from projection of a costal arch from the VI–VII ribs were used. Temporal fascia sample with vascular pedicle (a temporal artery with the accompanying veins) by the Z-shaped incision of skin in temporal area for auricular reconstruction was extracted. Skin grafts were taken from the supraclavicular area or from the left or right flank. Grafts of partial auricle bodies (n = 8) along with cartilaginous framework from a costal arch (n = 21) were used for auricle reconstruction. The follow-up period studied after 6 months in 29 operated patients.


The graft of partial auricle bodies or the graft of a cartilaginous framework from a costal arch presented a perfect auricular reconstruction. By avoiding a difficult microsurgery and its possible complications, the use of TPFF led to beneficial results in 75% and 90.4% of cases, respectively. Overall, no major complication (alopecia, hematoma, or necrosis) occurred, and further surgery was not required.


TPFF is a technique of choice for surgical treatment of traumatic auricle defects.

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