Bone Resorption after Use of Silicone Chin Implants, Long-term Follow-up Study with Lateral Chin Radiography

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Summary:Silicone chin implants are frequently used in cosmetic surgery to enhance a harmonic face. Obtaining an aesthetically pleasing face is increasingly becoming more important for people, and a considerable part of this goal can be achieved through different aesthetic modifications of the chin. The purpose of this study was to analyze the presence of bone resorption after the insertion of silicone chin implants, with lateral chin radiographs. Fifteen patients were studied, all of whom had a chin silicone implant inserted at least 1 year ago using the same surgical technique. The surgery was done intraorally with insertion of the silicone implant under the periosteum of the chin. Fourteen patients presented bone erosion, with the maximum of 2.0 mm erosion. However, none of them manifested any symptoms of this erosion. In conclusion, even though the majority of the patients presented with bone erosion, the results were minimal and completely asymptomatic; thus, this technique produced an excellent final result.

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