Successful Pregnancy and Delivery after Autologous Abdominal Wall Reconstruction using Anterolateral-Thigh and Iliotibial-Tract Flap

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Summary:The surgical management of abdominal wall tumor in women with childbearing potential is a thorny issue. A synthetic mesh is widely used for abdominal wall reconstruction but not necessarily applicable in case of women of childbearing potential because it has been reported to cause severe pain during pregnancy. Autologous reconstruction is usually considered a feasible option for such cases; however, there is no consensus on this approach and almost no evidence to support it. In the present 2 cases, 2 female patients (age, 17 years and 35 years) with abdominal wall desmoid tumor underwent primary radical resection and autologous reconstruction of an abdominal wall defect in the lateral oblique muscle area (defect size, 13 × 5 cm and 8 × 6 cm) using an anterolateral thigh and iliotibial tract flap. The postoperative course was uneventful. Both patients achieved pregnancy and a full-term delivery without complications with the exception of a feeling of mild stretching in the area of the operation. Magnetic resonance imaging and a clinical examination after the delivery revealed no signs of abdominal wall hernia or bulging. Normal pregnancy and full-term delivery could be obtained after abdominal wall resection and autologous reconstruction using an anterolateral thigh + iliotibial tract flap. This reconstructive method is considered to be a versatile option for the management of abdominal wall tumor in women with childbearing potential; however, further evidence should be accumulated on the reconstruction of wider and central abdominal wall defects.

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