Fingertip Necrosis due to Intravascular Use of Mephedrone: A Case Report

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Summary:Mephedrone is a new synthetic cathinone-derived drug. It is a sympathomimetic drug, and its structure is similar to amphetamines, although its specific pharmacokinetics and metabolism remain unknown. We performed a literature search in PUBMED with the following key words: Mephedrone AND Necrosis AND Hand. No results were found. We performed a second literature search with the following key words: Mephedrone AND Physiopathology AND Side effects, obtaining a total of 7 articles that we read before writing this case report. We will present a case report of a 28-year-old man with distal ischemia in his left hand associated to intra-arterial drug use of mephedrone. The patient ended up having superficial necrosis involving skin and subcutaneous tissue in his thumb, which was treated with wound care. Good quality healing, full range of motion, and normal sensitivity were achieved. There are no previous publications related to any side effects secondary to its intravascular use. The ultimate mechanism producing this distal fingertip necrosis remains undefined.

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