Laser-assisted Lipolysis Burn Safety: Proposed Detailed Parameters with Assessment of Their Efficacy and Safety

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Background:Many recent studies have evaluated the clinical safety and efficacy of therapeutic lasers in laser lipolysis, but without detailed description of the safe and effective parameters.Purpose:To propose a method for adjusting safe and effective parameters for laser lipolysis.Methods:Detailed calculations of the safe and effective laser parameters for fat melting are proposed in the study. Amount of energy delivered in joules was calculated based on data from Havenith research. External skin and internal tissues temperatures during the procedure were kept in a recommended range and monitored for safety and efficacy. Prospective statistical study was designed on a series of 300 patients who underwent laser-assisted lipolysis and /or liposuction using 2 different machine manufacturers, delivering 1,064/1,320 nm.Results:All areas submitted to laser-assisted liposuction in this series have resulted in no clinical thermal burns injury to the skin. There was improvement in the bulk of fats, skin tightening, skin textures, and cellulites.Conclusion:This study is proposing a simple method for calculations of safe and effective laser lipolysis. Skin burn injury could be highly prevented by following up the proposed detailed basic parameters for laser lipolysis treatment.

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