Management of the Lateral Breast

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Summary:Breast asymmetry is a common finding in developing adolescents. In select cases, there is maldevelopment of 1 or both breasts, which persists into adulthood and causes significant negative impact on life. Various surgical techniques (eg, breast augmentation/reduction) and nonsurgical techniques (eg, bras/gel inserts) are currently in practice to achieve breast symmetry. We describe a unique case of a young lady with Poland’s syndrome, who presented with a lateralized right breast. We have used a V-Y advancement flap, along with a breast implant, to medialize the breast and achieve symmetry in contour and volume, followed by medialization of the nipple areolar complex. Using this technique produced an excellent result on our patient. We, therefore, feel that using the V-Y advancement flap is a novel and good option for dealing with difficult cases of lateralized breast.

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