Modification of the Stages in Total Reconstruction of the Auricle: Part II. Grafting the Three-Dimensional Costal Cartilage Framework for Concha-Type Microtia

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Among the microtic disorders, those with the remnant ear, ear lobule, concha, acoustic meatus, tragus, and incisura intertragica are classified as concha-type microtia. From these characteristic factors, concha-type microtia has been thought to be a milder form of microtic disorder in comparison with lobule-type microtia. The constructed modified three-dimensional costal cartilage framework is grafted to the superior portion of the auricle and fixed to the inferior remnant cartilage of the auricle (conchal portion). This may appear to be a simple procedure in comparison with the other microtic disorders, but it is extremely difficult to fix the modified three-dimensional framework to the remnant auricular cartilage so that a smooth configuration is attained at the seam.In this paper, the modification stages for total reconstruction of the auricle for concha-type microtia are discussed. (Pleat. Reconstr. Surg. 93: 231, 1994.)

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